Friday, October 16, 2009

My Masters Entries

My first Masters' experience is now over, and after intensively pouring my heart and soul into the set projects, I have just found out that I didn't make it through to the Top 50 (or top 67 as it is this year). Although it didn't totally surprise me, what did throw me was my reaction.... after all that effort, I was more hung up on the outcome than I realised. But it has been a fabulous pushed me to my limits both physically and artistically, and it is lovely to now be able to share my creations with everyone.
Congratulations to all you wonderful scrappers and artists who have made the cut to the next stage....I hope you survive the tension until the final announcement. I can't wait to see the special edition of Scrapbooking Memories that showcases all your wonderful work.
As for me...roll on next year!

Here are my entries....

Project 1 - My Greatest Achievement

When I first thought about this LO, the obvious road to take for the subject matter was the birth of my children, but I wanted to move away from the obvious, so after a big year of personal change for me, I decided to go with my own personal growth. This is my absolute favourite of all my entries, not only because I love the LO, but because it truly represents me as I am now in 2009.

Project 2 - think outside the square

This LO was made possible by my wonderful Pazzles Inspiration made it possible for me to create any shape I wanted for this project...

Project 3 - Double LO

I wasn't particularly happy with this one, and struggled over many hours to get it to stage where I could bear to start sticking things down...doubles are such a challenge! Looking back on it now after a couple of months, I really am not happy with it, but I love the subject matter...some of my gorgeous friends from the Scrapchat Retreat in May this year, which was another major turning point in my life...thank you girls...I love you all so much!

Project 4 - Mystery Project

My first OTP retrospect, I probably shouldn't have attempted this for Masters, because the mystery project was supposed to represent who you are as scrapper, and I haven't as yet done any OTP projects, but I wanted to show some versatility, so I came up with the idea of a box of inspiration cards with magnets on the back that could be placed on the fridge and interchanged at will. I actually ran out of time, and didn't get as many cards done as I would have liked. :(


  1. WOW Sue.. You have done some amazing work here hun. I absolutly adore the being me layout and the birds on the beach is just stunning! What you created with the cat is gorgeous and so different and the magnets are a great idea :) Well done hun.. Im sorry you didnt make the top 50 but I just wanted to let you know you have put in so much effort and really created some beautiful stuff xxx

  2. Oh Sue, you did a beautiful job. I love the single layout the best but the others are all gorgeous and unique. That cat is spectacular. I hope you don't feel blue for too long and can be proud and happy that you entered and put yourelf out's gutsy to even enter the Masters!

  3. Sue, I am so happy you shared your beautiful creations. I can completely understand why you felt the way you did - you have created wonderful pieces of work.I never would have thought to make a cat shape - that is so cool, but my favourite is your double. Well done and thank you for sharing - good to hear you'll be at it again next year!

  4. Sue, your creations are gorgeous. I love your Food For Thought box, that was a great idea to have them magnetic to stick on the fridge. My personal favourite is the Mischa, there is so much detail in it.

  5. You know I love your work, Sue. It's outstanding. I love your OTP and keep thinking about it :) So you have indeed shared your work with more people than you probably realise and have impacted their creative lives too. Congratulations on taking part in the Masters. you're a star to me!

  6. Sue i adore your work and these are absolutely stunning!
    you have done an awesome job and please dont be too upset!your double is AMAZING! I hated my double in my entry - i am terrible with them!

    Your mystery project is so similar to mine! I cant show it yet, but i was a little bit shocked when i saw yours! i thought i had been so clever and original! lol


  7. I can really relate to how you feel Sue, because I was in the same spot last year, but I didn't give up and even ended up getting those layouts published ;) and it's great to read that you are not giving up either!
    You've done such a great job with these, and I love your cat shaped layout - what a fabulous idea!!
    Aga xx

  8. Sue I ditto the comments already posted,.... thank you so much for shareing,...and I have to say that seriously your shaped LO is quite possibly one of the most awesome shaped LO's I have seen in a long time WTG it really roks!!!

    Lou X

  9. First congratulations on even having the guts to enter. It takes a lot to put yourself out there to be judged.... But at the end of it all you have some beautiful projects. I love your double!! And as far as the OTP thing goes.. you should keep at them I think it is gorgeous!!
    Great work and I hope you give it another go next year!!

  10. I love all your entries. I in particular love your shaped pages. As most people know, I adore my kitty. Such a cute page, and such an amazing shape. Thanks for sharing your work with us all.

    I think I love the challenge most about comps like this. Even if nothing comes of it, I have usually stretched myself to create some of the best work I do all year.

    Can't wait to see what else you do in the future!



  11. hi Sue
    just wondering if you could email me at reagrding the creative cutter!!! awsome work

  12. thanks so much for sharing sue, all your projects are amazing! it's funny you don't like your double, i think it is my favourite of the lot, the colours just jump out and grab you and the photo grid is so effective.

  13. Congratulations on four amazing pieces of artwork Sue ! Don't be too hard on yourself - the first time I entered, my entries were returned within 3 days, and I wondered if they'd even been looked at ! LOL !

    Your shaped LO is fantastic, and I love your OTP idea as well.
    Great job, and good luck for next time !

  14. Sue - you did such a fab job with your creations - I really like your shaped LO. I also didn't make it into the short list (didn't really expect to but wanted to have a go just in case) - the one I suffered most on was the shaped LO - what I wanted to do I saw someone else had done it so I didn't want anyone thinking I'd copied someone so I didn't put that entry in and made up something else at the last moment.
    So great creations and can't wait to see what you design next year. xx

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous entry, Sue! I love your OTP! Well, I love all of it, but I love that the most! I think those feelings are natural when it comes to scrapbooking as it is a hobby from the heart directly into a layout. I hope you enter again next year as I think your entry was wonderful! :)

  16. sue hunnie you've done such a wonderful job!! You should be very proud of yourself for even attempting the masters, that definately takes alot to start with. Your creations are all just fantastic, definately love the layout about you and your food for thought otp is awesome hunnie. Try not to be too disheartened hun, we all love your work, so i really hope you try again next year, you just never know hun. xoxo

  17. Hi Sue, thanks for sharing your creations, I have very much enjoyed seeing them. I am a cat lover from way back so of course your shaped LO is my fav, I love that the photo is the base and in the shape of a cat and how you have embellised around it. What gorgeous projects you have to treasure for the experience and as double's are my fav type of layout, I really, really like yours, I think it flows really well and the design is pleasing to the eye, just play around a little, it should not take much to become perfect in your eyes, Tiff xx.

  18. Wow what a gorgeous entry! I really love your cat layout and your greatest achievement layout is so striking!! Thanks for sharing your creations and I do hope you enter again next year as your work is just beautiful. Tanya

  19. Sue oh my goodness, what gorgeous entries!!!!
    I totally love your cat and your double layout!!
    ANd love your layout about your greatest achievement!! Goodness me, the judging must have been so hard!! Well done!

  20. Oh Sue, your creations are just lovely. You are so very talented. I love the colours in your "being me" layout. When I see your work it inspires me to scrapbook more.....

  21. WOW Sue...These Masters entries are so awesome. Hope you enter in 2010!!! Your talent is inspiring! Good on you for challenging yourself, I am too chicken shit to enter comps!! I love the one of you!!! And I love doubles, they would have to be my absolute favourite page to scrap!! I am so glad that I got to meet you at Ohana...Mwah your a darlin!!! I will be back to check in on your blog now that I am follower LOL! Luv Shaz xoxo

  22. Hi Sue, Were they your gorgeous cards I saw in the latest Cardmaking Stamping and Papercraft magazine???? Vol 15 No.8 has two cards using the Dreams Du Jour stamp set. As always your work is beautiful. It was exciting seeing a name I knew!!! Well done.